Fluid and air transfer pipes – plastic tubes

With the drive for weight reduction in order to increase range efficiency and reduce emissions there is an increasing requirement for lighter weight parts. Our single and multi-layered smooth bore or corrugated nylon plastic tube assemblies can be used across a variety of applications including Battery Cooling, Breather vent pipes, Fuel Lines, Vapor Tubes (EVAP) and Washer Fluid Lines and many more. Our plastic tubes offer a high level of product integrity and can operate in temperatures ranging from minus 40°C up to 150°C and a pressure of 15 bar.  

Nylon tubes offer a real alternative to more traditional rubber hoses as they offer flexibility and longevity. They also have a reduced environmental impact compared to rubber hoses as they are recyclable and our PA11 High Temperature nylon tubes are produced from a sustainable plant-based material in Caster Oil. 

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Plastic Tubes and Nylon Tube Assemblies

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