Interior Trim Assemblies

Lander supplies Interior Trim products for premium automotive applications. We manufacture leather trimmed adjustable Front Armrest assemblies with a number of innovative features under development. We also manufacture Speaker Grill covers for in car audio systems.

We have the capability and experience to provide soft trim assembly solutions for vehicle interiors across multiple sectors in both leather and vinyl and a multitude of colour swatches.

We are able to provide design solutions for both products and processes depending on the customer’s needs, with solid modelling CAD services in-house as well as prototyping and pre-production, and have the adaptive capability to design labour efficient processes to deliver cost effective, high quality solutions.


Adjustable Armrest Assemblies

Height adjustable front and rear armrest assemblies in a range of trim varieties ranging from highly grained leather to PVC coverings in multiple trim colours. These parts require very precise finishing in order to meet the customer’s high standards.

Speaker Grill Assemblies

Bespoke design grill styled coverings for vehicle seats with incorporated premium audio speakers. We also manufacture a range of leather trim matched assemblies for seats without a speaker included.

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