Fluid and air transfer pipes – metal

Lander supplies fluid and air transfer systems across multiple different engine and vehicle applications within the automotive, EV, hydrogen power, off highway, commercial vehicle and industrial markets. From Turbo Oil Feed pipes and Return pipes, Multi Zone Heating System assemblies, Transmission Oil Cooling pipes to Dipstick Oil Indicator tubes or Industrial Gen-set Pipes, we are able to process complex tubular assemblies across a wide range of tube diameters from ø4mm up to a maximum of ø152mm.

With the addition of formed brackets, hydro-forming of tubes, flexible hose sections and machined connectors we are able to manufacture increasingly complex systems to our customers to help reduce assembly times at their plants.

We have the capability to process a range of materials including coated mild steel tubes, stainless steel tubes and aluminium tubes, meaning that we can offer robust solutions to any requirements that our customers may have.

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