Tube based products for Commercial Vehicles

Delivering high quality products for the commercial vehicle market

Commercial Vehicles

Lander has been a long-established supplier into the automotive sector and has extensive experience with both OEMs and first tier customers. We specialise in design for manufacture support, development, prototyping and manufacture of high specification tube-based products for chassis, powertrain and cockpit applications. These tube products include cooling pipes, oil pipes, fuel pipes, seat frames and Instrument Panel Beams as well as other structural support parts.

Pipe Bending Manufacturing

Whether it is the pipe work and pipe bending for a complex cooling system or the Cross Car Beam support for a heavy goods vehicle, Lander are able to supply any tube-based product that our customers’ many require.

Our range of products also includes hydraulic piping, DPF sensor pipes, brake pipes and oil pipe assemblies.

We can also supply the mass transit market with products including seat frames and grab handles for use in vehicle types including bus, taxis, coach and rail. 

Similar to passenger cars, with the rise in Battery and Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered commercial vehicles, we are seeing an increasing demand for the light weight plastic pipe assemblies that we manufacture, these are predominantly required for battery cooling systems for both inner city and inter city vehicle solutions.