Lander are committed to continued development of our employees, and our unique apprenticeship programme. 

We believe that investing in our employees is beneficial to everyone, including our customers, and encourage our team members to progress and develop their skills and knowledge. Employee development is a strategic driver in the business and has enabled us to offer career progression opportunities within the business. 


Our Apprenticeships Programme is at the heart of our desire to develop and educate the next generation of engineers, designers and leaders, within whole of the business.


In June 2022, we were ranked Number 1 in the National Apprenticeship Service's Top 50 SME Apprentice Employers.


Lander come first in Top 50 SME Apprentice Employers 2022


Our Apprenticeships Programme is at the heart of our desire to develop and educate the next generation of engineers, designers and leaders, within whole of the business.

The programme was first developed in 2016, to support us to make the best use of our strengths and to take the opportunity to reduce the skills shortage in the business. 

In normal times, we aim to recruit between 10 to 15 apprentices every 8 weeks.  They are recruited through our training provider who then identify 25 candidates to start their pre-apprenticeship programme for 4 weeks, where they undertake initial training and development at college.  They are also assessed on their behaviours during this process.   

When they have completed the pre-apprenticeship, they attend an assessment day on site at Lander and we select candidates to start 1 week of work experience at Lander.  At the end of this week, we assess them again and offer placements on the programme to those that have met the criteria. 

They are then offered an 18-month contract and start their apprenticeship with 6 weeks in the Lander Academy, on site at Lander. 

They will then graduate at the end of those 6 weeks and begin working in manufacturing for the duration of their first year. 

We have continued to drive the quality of the programme to meet business and apprentice needs, ensuring they have the best opportunity to learn whilst earning and to successfully achieve their apprenticeship.  They start their journey within manufacturing and have the opportunity to develop into specialist roles that become available within the business.   

Our programme has been nationally recognised as a Top 100 employer of apprentices; we were ranked 14th in the National Apprenticeship Service in 2020. 

Our Core Values, reflect the way we do things around here and are not just great words and links well to our apprenticeship programme.

  • The Lander Family

    Apprentices are made to feel welcome and part of the team as soon as they arrive.

  • Passion for Perfection

    We instil in our apprentices the importance of achieving the best that they can with our support.

  • Take Responsibility

    Apprentices are enabled to suggest improvements, report concerns and accept when things go wrong that it is all about learning and developing.

  • Yesterday’s Gone

    Apprentices know that if they make a mistake, they should learn from it and move forward.

  • Great is just not Good Enough

    Apprentices understand very quickly why quality is important and how it impacts our business performance.

  • Freedom to fail

    Apprentices know that if they fail in one role, there is an opportunity to look at other areas of the business.

  • Free speech

    Apprentices are encouraged to speak up and let us know what they think.

  • Have a Blast

    We encourage apprentices to socialise and join in the sporting activities we have outside of Lander, and to participate in our various charity events throughout the year.

If you are looking for a challenging and supportive role, please visit our Jobs Board for our latest vacancies.

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