Alternative fuels are powering future propulsion


With the drive away from the Internal Combustion Engine and the reduced use of fossil fuels, alternative fuels are powering the future of propulsion in both the on and off highway markets.

As alternative fuel propulsion systems gain traction and become commonplace, efficient fluid-carrying pipes are becoming increasingly important.

These pipelines become a pivotal component of any robust alternative fuel system by carrying the necessary fuel sources such as eFuels or Hydrogen or within the battery cooling system for electric vehicles.

With an emphasis on improved performance & emission reduction, these systems are leading the charge in green energy solutions.

The requirement for each type of alternative fuel is very different, whether it is the pressures required for Hydrogen or reducing weight on an electric vehicle.

We are already working with our customers on several alternative fuel projects for different vehicle applications.

Our 140 years’ of engineering experience is helping them to develop the optimum systems for powering the future.


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